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How to reach Skyros Island

1) From Athens

You can book a flight via, ATH – SKU, SKU – ATH, almost daily during the summer months, and three to four times per week during the other seasons of the year.

At Skyros airport you may find:

Α. Local Buses which make stops at Molos / Magazia / Chora

Β. Taxi cabs

C. Car rental – this must be arranged prior to your arrival. Rental vehicle companies can be found in our guide

2) From Thessaloniki

You can book a flight, via , SKG – SKU, and SKU – SKG, four to five times per week during the summer months and two to four during the other seasons of the year.

3) From Athens and Chalkida – By car and Ferry Boat

You can reach Kymi (Eastern Euboia) from Athens by car, and then subsequently board the local Ferry ”Achilleas” ( . ATTENTION! Once you pass Avlonari village, there is a fork in the road, where you must choose the exit on the right, to Kymi Beach (Paralia Kymis). Please ensure you follow the road signs. The Ferry boat trip from Kymi to Linaria Port on Skyros takes one hour and 40 minutes

4) From Athens and Chalkida – By bus and Ferry Boat

You can take the (KTEL) bus, from Athens to Paralia Kymis (150 km, roughly 3 hrs), and then board the local ferry “Achilleas”, as mentioned above.

5) Taxi Transfers

For you that seek comfort and speed, please contact the local Incoming Tourism Agency “Skyros Travel and Tourism” , to book either of the following:

a)  Taxi transfer  from Athens  Airport or any other pick up spot in Athens, which will take you directly to Achilleas Ferry, Kymi.

b) For large families of four plus, we offer mini van hire.

c) For larger groups we offer a comfortable and luxurious private bus which is specialised for your convenient and exclusive transportation.

We look forward to meeting you!