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Pegasus Studios & Apartments are just 30 metres from Acherounes Beach, and offer self-catering accommodation with balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea and the palm-tree gardens. There is a delightful little beach café where you can enjoy a drink in the shade, play backgammon or chess and freshen up in our outdoor shower. Guests can enjoy the luscious gardens whilst admiring the sculpture ‘Birth of Pegasus’ created by Lefteris Trakos. A couple of minutes walk away is a seaside tavern, which serve fresh fish.

The port of Linaria is a 10-minute walk (2 kms) from the complex, while the main town of Skyros is at 8 km. Skyros Airport is approximately 20 kms from Pegasus Estate and just a half hour drive through the forested mountain terrain.


Skyros Island

Many historians believe that our island was named after its wild stony soil. Skiron or Skyron means fragment of stone, or pebble (dictionary of D. Kyriakopoulos, ninth edition, pages 430 and 431).

The ancient names of Pelasgia and Dolopia have been mentioned but in the epics of Homer the island was written about four times, and the name Skyros was used. As stated in other ancient texts, the island has been inhabited by Kares, Cretans and Dolopes.


How to arrive at Skyros

You can book a flight via, ATH – SKU, SKU – ATH, almost daily during the summer months, and three to four times per week during the other seasons of the year.

At Skyros airport you may find:

Α. Local Buses which make stops at Molos / Magazia / Chora

Β. Taxi cabs

C. Car rental – this must be arranged prior to your arrival. Rental vehicle companies can be found in our guide

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