• Chora air-photo
  • LINARIA Port "Cafe KAVOS"
  • Skyros Village by air photo #2
  •   Picturesque Mountains and plentiful forests for nature lovers and hikers
      Large bays ideal for sailing,water skiing, wind surfing and canoeing
      Κουζινάκι με τα απαραίτητα σκεύη για πρωινό ή ελαφρύ γεύμα
      Scuba diving has been permitted on the island since April 2011 (with your own equipment)
      Sandy, crystal clear beaches for swimming
      Tranquil environment for relaxation and escape from busy lifestyle
      Traditional taverns for original Greek & Skyrian cuisine
      Unspoiled Island – maintaining tradition
      Family friendly
      Cheap arrival/departure fares – Not far from Athens
      Rich Historical / Archeological Sites – 5000BC eg:Palamari (North Skyros)
      15th Century chapels and churches - St Georges Monastery and Venetian Castle and St Dimitrios Chapel showing mural/fresco saints
      Two interesting Museums
      A unique Town (Chora) which its architecture is an archeological site in itself
      Specialized Skyrian dishes, such as: Lobster with spaghetti
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